Upcoming OBG & Caving Events
Jun 03, 2023 - Jun 09, 2023

Caving Academy

New York
This Caving Academy course being hosted in New York from June 3rd to 9th, and will lead right into the Spring NRO running from June 9th to 11th
Jun 04, 2023 - Jun 10, 2023

Grand Caverns National Cave Week

Grand Caverns
National Cave Week at Grand Caverns Park
Join us and celebrate Grand Caverns' and Fountain Cave's 50th anniversary as a National Natural Landmark during National Cave Week: June 4th - 10th
Jun 09, 2023 - Jun 11, 2023

Northeastern Regional Organization Meet

Pattersonville, NY
· The Gauntlet Ropes Course – training and challenges included
· SRT with a splash - zip-line across the lake!
· Training by Caving Academy at private bolted cliffs - special access!
· Rope races and crazy caver competitions – cooked up by European cavers
· Caving trips (of course!)
· Bet in the NCC auction
· Test out your squeeze-box size - in a rescue litter!
· Hot tub! Multiple hot tubs!?
· Caving Presentations? Comedy? Story-telling contest!
· Live music? DJ? Dance Party!
For the first time ever, NJIRT, the Northeast’s cave rescue team is planning the party!
Jun 17, 2023 - Jun 18, 2023

SRT Practice

Clark Township, NJ
Greetings all. We're doing a big spring SRT practice. Beginners and seasoned alike are welcome to attend. Bring your SRT gear, if you don't have any, some extra sets will be on hand. We'll have plenty of rope and obstacles to test your skills on. Two or three lower-able and several fixed ropes will be set to practice changeovers and anything else people want to do. As well as a lower-able re-belay and j-hang for learning and practice. In addition to practice, an extensive ropes course will be available, The Gauntlet. Be prepared to travel through about 850 feet of rigged rope! Obstacles in the ropes course includes culvert pipe passage/transition problems, knot passes, horizontal aid climbing, re-belays, j-hangs, tyrolean traverses, deviations, guided rappels, and somewhere in the course is a tight vertical pipe squeeze! Too easy for you? Ask for the water problems! Feel free to hangout Saturday night for campfire and storytelling. Want to hangout both days? Join us for some high hammock camping Saturday night if the weather is nice.

When: 10:00am June 17-18, 2023
Where: 46 Wendell Place, Clark, NJ 07066. Park out front and walk around back down to the lake.
Jun 26, 2023 - Jun 30, 2023

2023 NSS Convention

Elkins, WV
Jul 08, 2023 - Jul 14, 2023

Advanced SRT & Rigging Course

The second Advanced SRT and Rigging Course has been scheduled! It will be in Hungary from July 8th through the 14th! Registration is open on the website.
Jul 14, 2023 - Jul 16, 2023


Great Saltpetre Cave
Karst-O-Rama (KOR) is the annual caving convention and fund raiser* hosted by the Greater Cincinnati Grotto (GCG). KOR takes place at The Great Saltpetre Cave Preserve (GSP) near Mt. Vernon, Kentucky. KOR is like a family reunion that's presented by cavers, for cavers (or those newly interested in caving!), and runs from Friday through Sunday. Activities include, but are not limited to, guided cave trips, cave equipment vendors, the Guano Grill at the picnic shelter, and caving-related contests, among other things. There is a "Howdy Party" Friday evening for everyone to get reacquainted, and on Saturday evening there is a banquet, program, and door prizes, followed by live music and a great dance party:
"The theme for next year's KOR will be something new and unique. Check back here in January to find out what's new. The trips will always be enjoyable."
* Proceeds from KOR benefit both The Great Saltpetre Cave Preserve and the Greater Cincinnati Grotto's donations to other caving organizations.
Aug 03, 2023 - Aug 06, 2023


Sewanee, TN
All female caving event in TAG. Join Women of Caving group to get more info as the event develops. This is just the OBG notification event. Please RSVP on the Women of Facebook page if attending.
Aug 04, 2023 - Aug 06, 2023

Indiana Cave Capers

Harrison Township, IN
Aug 31, 2023 - Sep 04, 2023

OTR -2023

Dailey, WV
Aug 31, 2023 - Sep 04, 2023


Sewanee, Tennessee
Sep 29, 2023 - Oct 01, 2023

2023 Western Regional

Senora, California
Oct 05, 2023 - Oct 08, 2023

TAG Fall Cave In

Menlo, GA
Oct 21, 2023

Bridge Day

New River Gorge Bridge, Fayetteville, WV
The 2023 Bridge Day Rappel will consist of several teams who will be allowed to ascend and/or descend on a fixed rope from the catwalk beneath the New River Gorge Bridge on Bridge Day.

Bridge Day Rappel teams are chosen by a lottery drawing in June of each year. The rappel participant must be a seasoned rappeller with proper rack training who has successfully completed at least a 250’ rappel. They must be familiar with the skills, equipment, and rescue techniques associated with rappelling.

A group of individuals wishing to participate in the Bridge Day Rappel next year must choose a group leader who submits an application for their team in the lottery drawing. Each team must have all the necessary rappelling equipment. Individuals must have their own rappelling/ascending gear.