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Upcoming OBG & Caving Events
Jun 20, 2024 - Jun 23, 2024


Mount Vernon, Kentucky
Karst-O-Rama (KOR) is the annual caving convention hosted by the Greater Cincinnati Grotto (GCG).

Pre-Registration for Karst-O-Rama 2024 will re-open in the Spring of 2024!

Gate opens at 5pm Thursday.
Yoga in the dome on Friday AM.
Howdy Party is set to be Thursday or Friday night.
Hay rides around the property at night.

Saturday: Yoga in the dome in the AM. Banquet, raffle, and speaker. Costume contest of your best Mad Max theme.
Live band is to go on around 10pm.
Hay rides around the property at night.
Dance laser rave in the dome, hosted by NGG at night.

Sunday: pack up and say goodbyes from property by noon. Miscellaneous cave and hiking trips go out.

Cave trips will be posted the night before for Friday & Saturday. Various difficulties, wet & dry, vertical & horizontal.

Hopefully a brand new 16'x9' hot tub will be complete by this opening week.

Multiple activities to do on the property such as swimming in Crooked Creek with a rope swing, hang out in the dome, slip and slide, vertical training, The Gauntlet course, squeezebox, and more!
Jun 27, 2024 - Jun 30, 2024

OBG: Pre-Convention TAG Trip

Cavers Paradise, Tennessee
You MUST RSVP as “going” before May 1 to secure a slot on trips.

I will not be reaching back out to people asking them to edit tentative plans to “going.”

I will be putting together horizontal trips, vertical trips, glow worm trips etc. I will need trip leaders. *Note: if I do not get horizontal trip leaders, I won’t be able to put together a trip.

I am not doing group meals. If you want to plan group food, go ahead, do not expect me to cook, cleanup, etc.

Vertical Disclaimer: If you cannot pass a pre-trip test with your trip leader demonstrating changeovers and standard knowledge of your equipment and are not properly prepared, your trip leader has the right to boot you from the trip. If your trip leader has any safety concerns at all, they have final say on your status on a trip. If your attitude or behavior is negative to trip leaders or other members, you will be removed from all trips during this event.

Safety is of the upmost importance. We will do call outs every cave every time. We will have a call out system with designated call out forms and a designated call out person. All trip leaders will use call out sheets to ensure there are no miscommunications. When planning call outs, double check your time zones, hike time, and cell coverage timeline. - Talia
Jul 01, 2024 - Jul 07, 2024

NSS National Convention

Sewanee, Tennessee
Join us in Sewanee, Tennessee for the 2024 NSS Convention. Held on the campus of St. Andrews-Sewanee School, 2024 marks a return to one of the premier caving areas in the United States.

The 300+ acres campus is the perfect place to hold convention events and access nearby caving. Dorm rooms are available on site and the cafeteria will be open for breakfast and lunch. The Caverns, a famous local show cave, will play host to the Awards Salon.

The Gauntlet will be setting up their Alpine Ropes Course!

Come back to TAG in 2024 and experience world class vertical caving.
Jul 14, 2024

Grotto Meeting

Will Boekel will be speaking about the Bighorn/Horsethief Survey Project in Montana & Wyoming
Aug 11, 2024

Grotto Meeting

Protecting Texas Cave Fauna
Aug 15, 2024 - Aug 18, 2024

Indiana Cave Capers

Indiana Cave Capers is the annual caving event sponsored by the Central Indiana Grotto. It is a weekend of fun, fellowship, camping out and of course…caving. This is an event geared for cavers of all skill levels and a great place to meet other cavers and make connections. There are many volunteer led cave trips scheduled and opportunities to lead your own.

The weekend begins when Registration opens at noon on Thursday. Then go caving! Then on Friday, Saturday and Sunday there is all the caving and Gauntlet you can handle.
Aug 29, 2024 - Sep 02, 2024

Old Timers Reunion

Beverly, West Virginia
The Old Timers Reunion (OTR) is the largest annual gathering of cavers (people who share a common interest in caves, caving and underground exploration) in the United States. This annual event occurs once a year at the TRA campground in West Virginia. The first reunion was held in 1950, at the Worden Hotel in Davis, West Virginia, making this event over 60 years old. Besides providing the opportunity for caving in the area, the organization strives to educate attendees about proper safety techniques, geology of the area, conservation and speleology. The event held in Davis, WV was first organized to honor Felix Robinson, one of the Old Time NSS Cavers. During this event Forty-five cavers attended, but over the years, this number quickly grew due to the event’s popularity. During our 50th reunion in 1999 our attendance reached 2,400 cavers.
Sep 08, 2024

Grotto Meeting

Our Northeastern Bats: Who they are, how we protect them, and the Tragedy of White Nose Syndrome - Emily and Mike Davis
Sep 19, 2024 - Sep 22, 2024

Western Regional Caving Event

Cougar, Washington
The Gauntlet will be there!
Sep 20, 2024 - Sep 22, 2024

Orientation to Cave Rescue

Elkins, WV
Sep 27, 2024 - Sep 29, 2024


Marion, Virginia
Out of Bounds is hosting the Fall Var 2024
Sep 30, 2024

OBG: Moqui Cave and Canyoneeering

Kanab, Utah
Moqui Caverns and Dragons Belly caves and Red Cave Canyoneering.
Sep 30, 2024

OBG: Dixie National Forest Caves

Visiting two caves in the Dixie NF before visiting Cedar Breaks. The are horizontal lava tubes, one cave has along ladder for access.
this trip will be in conjunction with the larger Kanab trip from 28 September to 6 October.
Oct 03, 2024 - Oct 06, 2024

TAG Fall Cave In

Lookout Mountain, Georgia
Oct 03, 2024

OBG: Montezuma's Cave

Kanab, Utah
Departing Kanab at 0730 to visit the Montezuma cave and mine complex. cave has several low crawls and optional small drops. Elkhart Cliffs slot canyon and Belly of the Dragon cave will be visited during the drive back.
Oct 10, 2024 - Oct 13, 2024

Texas Cavers Reunion

Johnson City, Texas
The Gauntlet is returning to TCR!
Oct 13, 2024

Grotto Meeting

Save the Moon Caves - Ceth Parker
Oct 19, 2024

Bridge Day

Fayetteville, West Virginia
The 2024 Bridge Day Rappel will consist of several teams who will be allowed to ascend and/or descend on a fixed rope from the catwalk beneath the New River Gorge Bridge on Bridge Day.

Bridge Day Rappel teams are chosen by a lottery drawing in June of each year. The rappel participant must be a seasoned rappeller with proper rack training who has successfully completed at least a 250’ rappel. They must be familiar with the skills, equipment, and rescue techniques associated with rappelling.

A group of individuals wishing to participate in the Bridge Day Rappel next year must choose a group leader who submits an application for their team in the lottery drawing. Each team must have all the necessary rappelling equipment. Individuals must have their own rappelling/ascending gear. For more information about Bridge Day Rappel, visit the Bridge Day Rappel site.
Jun 07, 2025 - Jun 09, 2024

WVACS Classic

Renick, West Virginia
The event is hosted by the West Virginia Association for Cave Studies (WVACS) and offers cavers an introduction into project caving and various aspects of project caving that we do! The Classic also offers a place for people new to caving an experience of the underground.

There will be guided cave trips, self-led trips, digging trips, survey trips, and sport trips going on during the WVACS Classic. There will be a sketchers workshop for those who have always wanted to learn the art of sketching. We also have a climbing tower to learn single-rope techniques for vertical caving or fine tune your vertical system.

On Saturday night there will be a catered dinner offered, followed by a caving presentation and music to boogie the night away.

Our facilities offer bunks for sleeping, but space is limited in the number of beds inside the buildings. There is plenty of room for tent camping.

The cost of the event will be $35 dollars and covers use of the facilities and dinner Saturday night. You can pre-pay on our website or pay upon arrival at the event. Pre-paying ensures you get a meal, otherwise we cannot guarantee food. If you do not want dinner it is $20 to attend.
Recent OBG & Caving Events
Jun 16, 2024

Grotto Meeting

Central Appalachian Cave Rescue Team
Jun 07, 2024 - Jun 15, 2024

NCRC Weeklong

Voorheesville, New York
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
IQ (Instructor Qualification, by invite only)
Possibly at least one other specialty class
Jun 07, 2024 - Jun 17, 2024

OBG: Missouri Survey Weekend

Eminence, Missouri
The Out of Bounds Grotto is joining up with some Missouri Cavers for more than a weekend of camping along a beautiful river and surveying some decorated and muddy caves that are never open to the public.

No survey experience needed. Come learn, practice, explore and enjoy.
Jun 07, 2024 - Jun 15, 2024

National Cave Rescue Commission Weeklong

Camp Pinnacle, New York
Jun 02, 2024 - Jun 08, 2024

Cave Week

More than 20 U.S. parks, several Parks Canada sites and NASA are participating in Cave Week via social media posts, cave tours, exhibits, school events, web pages and much more.