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John King

Vice Chair

NSS 42233

Retired firefighter, dad of two.
Classical trained Chef by the way of a raging French master Chef
ACF Certified Chef de Cuisine
I promise, you won't be hungry with me around. Might have to tell me to stop putting goodies out for the masses. :D
Old school caver getting back into things after raising my daughters into two kick ass adults!
OG digger on the Omega system (Blowing Hole Cave, Wise Co VA) from wayyyy back in 1996 when those PVC suits and LED lights were first making a splash underground.
Looking to get back on some projects in the SwVA and WV regions, especially back down around home. Still have a few secrets hopefully left in the hills and hollows around there and hopefully another giant cave system. Will be going back in fall 2023 to begin some exploration, surveying and landowner relations to regain access to certain areas.

7 Trip Reports submitted to OBG.

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