Andrew Erickson


Explorer of the Unexplored (really I just like to look around nature).

In my rather short caving time, I have caved in 12 states, been on 3 CRF expeditions, found a couple caves, learned to survey, helped with the Gauntlet, climbed out of a 168 foot pit, ruined one pair of shoes (that I then fixed with shoeglue and bike tubes), was the first in a sketchy mystery pit and enjoyed every dirty moment of it.

Dave Briggs

Social Media Manager

Jennifer Jain

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John M Boswell

Board Member

John is a Capricorn who enjoys long crawls in the mud, cold water, and the lure of a black abyss. He is involved in several PA caving organizations and has been enjoying wild caves for 15 years.

Joseph Sepiol

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Samantha Rynearson

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Talia Sepiol

Board Chair

Hi! I’m chair of the OBG! Let’s be friends!

Trent DiMarco