Welcome to the Out of Bounds Grotto

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    The NSS has published a Guide to Responsible Caving.

    • Always Go Caving with at Least 3 People - Go with someone experienced on your first several outings, don’t be afraid to ask questions. In caving, there is no such thing as a stupid question. If you don’t ask, you don’t know.


    • Always Bring at least 3 Sources of Light - Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures (and videos), kill nothing but time.


    • Always Tell Someone Outside the Cave the 3 "W's" - Who You’re With, Where You’re Going, and When You Are Expected Out of the Cave - Make sure this person understands how important this is.


    • Always Use 3 Points of Contact While Climbing - If something in your gut tells you something is wrong and you shouldn’t do it, maybe you should listen. Touching formations can damage them (pressure, skin oils and dirt).


    • Bring Snacks and Water. Plenty Of High Calorie Foods to Replenish Your Energy - Share with your teammates, caving is not an individual sport.


    • Bring a First Aid Kit, Know How to Use It (Splints too) - If you like what you’re doing, take a basic course in cave or wilderness rescue. It could save someones life.


    There is a fungus that is killing bats, learn more about it and how you can help at WhiteNoseSyndrome.org.


There are multiple channels to connect with members of the grotto. Our Facebook and Instagram are busy and our Website Member section can help you get to know folks and get in touch.

Website Members Section

Members can Log In to to the members section where you can read trip reports, see an archive of presentations, participate in grotto projects, contribute photos, contact other members, log your own trip reports and update your profile.


Our virtual meetings are held on the second Sunday of most months, at 7:30 EST using Google Meets. Join in, introduce yourself and invite others to participate. We send out an email a few days before the meeting to let everyone know how to log in.

Update Primary Grotto with NSS

If you are an NSS member, you can set OBG to be your primary grotto at members.caves.org. We have a handy PDF guide to help.

This gives our grotto more of a voice at the national level. If you are not an NSS member, don’t worry, you do not have to be one to be in the OBG.

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